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On Campus – Course Schedule


Our Gaeltacht Summer Courses run over a two-week period. The Course Schedule is tailored made to ensure each student is getting the most out of each activity at all times. All activates have been carefully structured to improve their Oral, Aural and Written competence of the Irish language. The schedule allows for all students to learn Irish in a positive, enjoyable and effective way.

Monday – Saturday of the first week

Monday – Friday of the second week

This is non-residential course, we do not provide accommodation and students return home after the daily activities.

10am -1pm: Formal Classes: Focusing on the Irish syllabus for that class/year. A key emphasis placed on the Oral, Aural, and Written components of the Irish language.

1pm – 1.45pm: Lunch: Students may bring their own packed lunch. They are fully supervised during this period and may not leave the grounds of the Coláiste.

1.45pm – 4pm: Afternoon activities: The afternoon consists of variety activities such as sport, drama, art, entertainment etc. All activities are specially designed to encourage students to speak and interact in Irish in a more natural & social environment.

*The students remain on site from 10 – 4 pm and return home after the daily activities are over. They return in the evening on 4 occasions throughout the 2 weeks.

Tuesday & Thursday 7.30pm – 9pm: On four evenings throughout the 2-week course (Tuesday & Thursday of each week) there is a Ceilí with Irish dancing, music, drama, competitions etc. for all students to participate in and use the Irish in a more social/informal setting. The aim of this is to develop the student’s appreciation for the Irish Culture in addition to the Irish Language.

Saturday 10am – 1pm: There will be morning classes on the Saturday morning of the first week. The morning class will consist of a mixer of art, drama, activities and formal classes.

*Please Note: That the times of Ceilí’s may change depending on the Course and Location. 

Please Note: The Leaving Cert Course consists of 4 classes each day & finishes at 2.30pm, excluding Saturday when they finish at 1pm.

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