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Coláiste Naomh Eoin offers a wide range of specially designed Irish courses that run throughout the year in both On-Campus & Online. Our courses are specially designed for Secondary School Students.

We provide a comprehensive program that enables all students to achieve their maximum potential in speaking, writing and understanding the language irrespective of their current knowledge. Coláiste Naomh Eoin aims to inspire a love of the Irish language & culture by make learning Irish fun.

Gaeltacht Summer Courses

Our Gaeltacht Summer Courses are described by The Irish Times as being “The most Comprehensive, Enjoyable and Affordable Irish Courses in Ireland”.

Our courses run over a two-week period and are specially designed for both Primary & Secondary School Students. Students are placed in a grouping with peers for their own level of ability and age. They follow a tailored made program that ensures they getting the most out of each activity at all time. Each program has been carefully structured to improve their Oral, Aural, Written competence of the Irish language.

The Course provides students with the opportunity to embrace our native language & culture in a variety of unique ways. Our courses allow them to grow more confident and appreciative of the Irish language & culture. The course aims to make learning Irish fun while ensuring they reach their maximum potential.

All our staff members create a fun and positive atmosphere while maintaining high standards of discipline & teaching. We provide special help to students with little or no fluency. We aim to keep class numbers as low as possible to ensure our teachers can dedicate their time to the specific needs of the class.

*Limited Places. 

Mid-Term Preparation Courses

Our Award Winning Junior & Leaving Cert Mid-Term Intensive Preparation Courses are specially designed for students that face the challenge of the Irish Junior & Leaving Cert Exam in June 2024.

We also provide a course for 1st & 2nd Year Students that will be facing the Irish State Exams in the coming years.

The course ensures that all our students gain the required confidence needed for the Oral, Aural & Written sections of the Irish State Exam. All our teachers have a proven track record of maximising exam results. Our teachers include members of the Irish State Examinations Board along with Irish Educational Authors.

We offer On-Campus & Online Courses during.

All aspects of the Irish Junior & Leaving Certificate Course will be covered in great detail over the two-day period On-Campus & Online.

The Department of Education has increased considerably the marks being awarded to the Irish Oral Examination to 40%. This course places a strong emphasis on maximum the student’s potential in this section.

*Limited Places. 

Our Specially Designed Courses

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