Halloween 2nd – 6th Class Catch-Up Course : 27th – 30th October

  • Course Name: Halloween 1st & 2nd Year Revision Course
  • Location: Dominican College, Griffith Avenue
  • Date: 27/10/2020
  • Deposit: €180
  • Total Cost: €180
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Halloween On-Campus Course is Specially Designed for:

2nd – 6th Class Students

Limited Places Available.

Please Check Availability before booking.

The 2nd – 6th class Intensive Catch-Up Course has been specially designed for students that face the challenge of refreshing their Irish Language skills while returning to school.

It will also include a Bridge Program that has been tailored made for students that have just completed 6th Class. We understand that the transition from learning Irish in Primary School into Secondary School can be daunting

Our Specially Designed Primary School Course places a particular emphasis on those who are going into 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Class. We believe it is important for students at this age to develop a positive attitude towards the Irish language & culture, as this will shape their perception of it for years to come.

We aim to keep class numbers as low as possible to ensure our teachers can dedicate their time to the specific needs of the class.

This program has been carefully structured to improve their Oral, Aural and Written competence of the Irish language. All our staff members create a fun and positive atmosphere while maintaining high standards of discipline & teaching.

Tuesday & Wednesday: 10am – 1pm